AS47950 is the network run by LNK SYSTEMS MUNTENIA SRL.

Our traffic ratio is heavy inbound and our policy is Open. We are generally happy to peer, however we have no interest in peering with experimental networks.

Essential Information

ASN 47950
Max Prefixes IPv4 100 / IPv6 100
NOC team [email protected]
Peering team [email protected]

Peering Policy

BGP Filtering Policy


We accept the following communities from our clients:

47950:1001 Prepend to Upstreams x1
47950:1002 Prepend to Upstreams x2
47950:1003 Prepend to Upstreams x3
47950:1009 Do not announce to Upstreams
47950:2101 Prepend to DE-CIX peers x1
47950:2102 Prepend to DE-CIX peers x2
47950:2103 Prepend to DE-CIX peers x3
47950:2109 Do not announce to DE-CIX peers
47950:666 Blackhole community (/32 IPv4 or /128 IPv6)


NOC [email protected] / 24/7 phone +40 373 80 01 01 
ABUSE [email protected]
PEERING [email protected]