AS47950 is the network run by LNK Systems Muntenia SRL.

Our traffic ratio is heavy inbound and our policy is Selective. We are generally happy to peer, however we have no interest in peering with experimental networks.

Essential Information

Max PrefixesIPv4 50
IPv6 10
NOC team[email protected]
Peering team[email protected]

Peering Policy

  • Network must maintain an up-to-date peering record at
  • Network must not be a downstream client or peer of any existing LNK client unless agreed with the client.
  • Network must only send us traffic that is destined for the prefixes that we announce.
  • Network must not point default or static routes to send us traffic that does not match the routes that we announce.
  • Network must only send us traffic originating from their own / their customers networks.
  • Network must operate an NOC which is reachable by phone and e-mail.
  • Network must cooperate in any case of abuse complains.
  • MD5 Authentication is strongly preferred.

BGP Filtering Policy

  • We accept prefixes of length /24 and shorter for IPv4 and /48 or shorter for IPv6. We will discard anything longer.
  • We will discard prefixes where NEXT_HOP doesn’t match the neighbour’s IP Address.
  • We will discard prefixes where first AS in the AS_PATH doesn’t match neighbour’s AS.
  • We will discard prefixes with Private AS anywhere in the AS_PATH.
  • We will discard BOGON prefixes.
  • We will discard prefixes without a valid IRR entry.


We accept the following communities from our clients:

47950:1001Prepend to Upstreams x1
47950:1002Prepend to Upstreams x2
47950:1003Prepend to Upstreams x3
47950:1009Do not announce to Upstreams
47950:2101Prepend to DE-CIX peers x1
47950:2102Prepend to DE-CIX peers x2
47950:2103Prepend to DE-CIX peers x3
47950:2109Do not announce to DE-CIX peers
47950:666Blackhole community (/32 IPv4 or /128 IPv6)


NOC: [email protected] / 24/7 phone +40 785 666 413
ABUSE: [email protected]
PEERING: [email protected]om

Looking Glass

We have a looking glass available here.